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Underwater Hockey Gear Video

All your underwater hockey gear questions answered. Nick Martyn takes you through all our basic equipment in this video.


Equipment BASICS

TUHA has a wide range of equipment that can be borrowed. Nonetheless, to avoid playing with ill-fitting equipment it is advisable for the players to bring their own. Equipment consists of:
Face mask 
Ensure that the lenses are plastic or safety glass. Two piece lenses are the best. Silicon rather than rubber or plastic are more comfortable and last longer. No sharp buckles.
Must not have any sharp tips and be flexible. Silicon mouth pieces are the best.
Mouth Guards 
An external or internal mouth guard is compulsory. They are available from pharmacy, sports stores or your dentist. External mouthguard are available from underwater hockey gear online retailers. See the full list of suppliers here.
Polo Cap 
Must be worn to protect the ears. Some schools provide these.
Players are required to have one black and one white. They can be wooden or plastic. 
Protective Glove
Can use wet suit glove, make your own or purchase one from UWH suppliers
Fins can be rubber, plastic, fibreglass or carbon fibre. Fins with foot pockets are more comfortable. They must not have any buckles or sharp edges.