Tasmanian Underwater Hockey Association

2018 Pennant 1 Fees

There are two sets of fees every Tasmanian underwater hockey player needs to pay:

  • AUF fees (annually)
  • TUHA Pennant Fees (per pennant)


To play Underwater Hockey in TUHA organised events and training you need to be a member of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). The AUF is the governing body for underwater sports in Australia; our insurance requirements are covered through this membership so it’s important you are a current financial AUF member. The AUF membership renewal is due on the 1st of July each year and the currently cost is;

Senior $80, or $60 for new members joining between 1st Jan – 30 June
Junior $45 or $35 for new members joining between 1st Jan – 30 June

Sign up to the AUF here:

TUHA Pennant fees

On top of the annual AUF membership we charge a fee for each pennant that we run, it is a once off fee to cover the whole pennant and finals; the majority of the fee goes toward pool hire with a small amount towards the Association overheads. This fee needs to be paid for each pennant you play.

Fees must be paid by the 5th week to avoid penalty points to your team and or expulsion from the water.


Senior $145
Junior $135 (not including Monday night schools)
Life member $130

To pay your Pennant 1 fees please follow this link –

You’ll need your AUF membership username and password to pay your TUHA pennant fees. If you’re a new player or have forgotten your username and password, visit the link below and follow the forgotten password instructions;

If you are experiencing problems with logging on please contact Colin Hepher at

Should a player be intending to only play part of pennant please contact the treasurer to discuss a pro-rata payment arrangement. Visitors who play for one or two nights at a pennant pay a casual rate to our desk attendant.

Monday Night training

Monday night training is a $8 per night casual rate or a separate set fee (TBA) if playing in the schools competition.