Strategic Development Plan

Underwater Hockey is a long-established sport in Tasmania. The TUHA Committee of 2015/16 has composed a strategic plan to ensure that the league and its players continue to grow, develop and compete at the highest possible level in the sport.

Our vision is to be Australia’s Number 1 Underwater Hockey State.

To do this we will need:

  • The country’s most vibrant pennant competition
  • Strength of numbers and skills across all age groups and a balance between male and female players
  • Success at national competitions
  • Representation at world competitions.
To achieve our vision, the mission of TUHA is to grow and facilitate underwater hockey in Tasmania, increasing participation at all levels and achieving sustainable success at the elite level, within three calendar years from July 2016.
Many thanks to Glenn Keppel for facilitating the process of developing the Strategic Plan.


The full Strategic Development Plan can be downloaded below. It is a working document and will continue to evolve. We welcome your feedback.

(Posted September 2016)